Mary J. Michael designs alternative futures via the 5-part IPARC change process.

By leading you through experiential exercises on audio, the IPARC mental software program helps you unlock your future in 5 easy steps.

This approach focuses on creative visualization, process meditation, experiential exercises, and mental storyboarding as favored intervention techniques for scenario building.

These futures techniques are steppingstones into the groundbreaking realms of Consciousness Technology will blend an emphasis on the individual, the organization, and the internet.

Mary J. Michael

Let go of the ordinary
Look into yourself
Resonate with this view
View from the mezzanine
View your new perspective


Mary J. Michael holds a combined undergraduate degree in photography & physics (1977) from Ohio State University, an MBA (1983) from Cleveland State Universty, and is an MS graduate futurist (1994) from the University of Houston - Clear Lake.
Past memberships World Future Society Professionals and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.



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