How do I use FutrTools?

Before you begin ...

  • create a distraction-free place for yourself
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • unplug the phone
  • turn off all background noises.


For maximum effectiveness --

  • close your eyes
  • sit in a comfortable chair
  • listen to the spoken audio on an Ipod, Walkman or similar device


An audio player + headphones

  • will enhance listening
  • eliminate background noise
  • heighten the impact of process mediation.


What is process meditation?

Listen to Process Meditation
sample mp3 file

Download RealPlayer


Process meditation works proactively
within the inner reaches of your mind
Process meditation works through inwardly focused attention

Process meditation works
on the twilight level
The depth level of intuition
At this level of attention
a multiplying effect occurs within your mind
A self-directed . . . . .
self-generated . . . . .
cumulative buildup of energy occurs
at a critical turning point
A point of synchronicity
This self multiplying experience
establishes critical momentum
and overcomes habitual consciousness . . . . .


Ah-hah, t'ai chi is the Tao, like water, like wind, sailing, surfing, dancing ... spontaneous writing ... the book is writing itself.
--- Alan Watts, Tao: The Watercourse Way


Each time that you listen to the tapes,
you create your own unique intersection with the Universe.

Listening engages your t'ai chi.


Engage the experiential side of your creative self through FutrTools.

By implementing the I P A R C program,
you change and rewrite your own journey -- your t'ai chi.



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