Why the  I P A R C   Program?

Each of us is capable of changing his attitude and behavior
to match any future possibility. Yet, these type of changes are surely the most difficult to accomplish.

Why is this?

Why is changing our behavior, our attitudes, ourselves, one of the most difficult personal accomplishments for each of us?

Just as we would not attempt to build a house without the proper preparation, why do we attempt to rebuild ourselves without similar suitable preparation?

Why do we try to change everything about ourselves without the same adequate preparation?

What is IPARC?

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The IPARC Program takes five basic steps to change your individual self.

Similar to the preparations that a contractor makes when building a house,
the IPARC Program
offers a REconstruction of the self which parallels the builder's construction of a house.


The contractor draws up blueprints mp3
pours a
foundation mp3
and erects a temporary scaffolding mp3
all these actions help to ensure a finished architecture mp3
of his choice.


By allowing the mind to
Initialize change, the IPARC program forms a blueprint for the future self to be constructed.

The Permit portion of the program lays out the foundation for this new self.

To erect a scaffolding, the IPARC program Affirms the changes that have been initialized and permitted.

Reinforcing these changes completes the architecture of the newly created self.

The IPARC program then begins anew. The IPARC software has Changed the old comfortable self into a newly created self.


Move from your old, comfortable self
into a newly created self with IPARC.


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